Halloween in London is all but a casual affair. Between haunted dungeons, ghost bus tours, and fantastic house parties, you’re going to want to see it all!

You’ve mapped your course with friends weeks in advance, and you have the perfect plan to celebrate as much as possible.

You’ve purchased what is sure to be the costume that steals the show. Drinks are chilling in the refrigerator, ready for a little pre-halloween party. But there’s just one problem. Who’s car do we take? Who’s going to stay sober? Who wants to pay for petrol? How can you spend a night party-hopping in the scariest of fashions when no one will cave and be the designated driver? Enter: the limo.

What could be cooler than rolling up celebrity-style in a limousine?

Drink before you party, drink as you party, drink on the way to the next part, drink on the way home. Whatever you prefer, you’ll never have to ask a friend to sacrifice their night (or be the friend to sacrifice their night) and stay sober.

Not only will everyone in London want to jump on your limousine band-wagon, but you won’t have to worry about splitting gas, finding parking, and hoping someone stays sober enough to drive!

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What Halloween Costumes To Go With Your Lantern Jack?

Halloween ensembles are accessible in stores and online in an interminable accumulation, going from appallingly startling to amusingly whimsical. Advanced Halloween in America is more a celebration of group social occasion and neighbourly get-together.

Halloween outfits are the most supported chance to wear distinctive dresses. Halloween Costumes are about being imaginative and having a ton of fun. High schoolers will discover a wide mixed bag of Halloween ensembles at Costumes shops including warriors, dead prom rulers, super legends, and substantially more.

Vampire Female About To Bite Male Victim
Outfits are appreciated by grown-ups and youngsters alike and have been a piece of the Halloween festival for a long time. Halloween ensembles are so fun. I adore it when the children come around on Halloween night. Kids provincial outfits are a year round most loved and the pioneer young lady ensemble and local American kid outfit are 2 of the greatest children ensemble merchants.

Kids superhero outfits, for example, the batman ensembles, Spider-man ensembles and fabulous four outfits are dependably a top pick. Children outfits ought to additionally fit well and not drag, which could result in a tyke to excursion and fall. For full-body outfits, verify whether the ensemble accommodates separable covers or head-wear so that the kid can take them off now and again for natural air.

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The Lantern Jack.

The practice of making jack o’ lanterns at Halloween has existed for centuries. It started from an Irish myth about a blacksmith named “Stingy Jack,” who invited the Devil himself to drink with him. Just as his name would suggest, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his drinks, so he convinced the Devil to turn into a coin which Jack would then use as payment.


However, Jack knew that the Devil would not let him go so easily, and put the coin next to a silver cross in his pocket, which stopped the Devil from changing back into his true form. Jack did eventually free the Devil, under the one condition that he would not bother Jack for ten more years, and if Jack died in that time, he would not claim Jack’s soul.

Time passed and Stingy Jack didn’t change his miserly ways, continuing to drink and walk around late at night. Ten years later when the Devil came for him on a dark country road, Jack tricked him into picking one last piece of fruit to eat from an apple orchard. While the Devil hopped onto his shoulder and climbed into the apple tree, Jack drew a cross the onto the bark, trapping the Devil in the tree. Jack made the Devil promise not to bother him for another ten years, and the Devil had no choice but to agree.

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How to spend Halloween in the UK in style!

Ever since we were little kids, all of us wanted the chance to be someone else. Maybe you dressed up as Tinkerbell; threw on a pair of wings and called yourself a fairy. Maybe you cut up two holes in one of your mum’s best sheets and tried to spook all your friends or maybe you even found your perfect zombie costume with some green finger paint! Whatever it may be, Halloween is a holiday that all of us love to celebrate.

The British are known for embracing other cultures and weaving them into their lifestyles and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Halloween! Halloween in the UK is celebrated extravagantly with no expense spared, which explains why it’s the most expensive holiday in the country after Christmas and Easter. We’ve got people running mad; spending exorbitant amounts on their costumes and parties but then again, Halloween does come around only once a year, right?

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So what is your favourite Lantern Jack design?

There are so many different designs out there, but i would love to know what kind of designs really grab a person’s attention.

To be fair and only in my humble opinion i think the best ones are that break the norm and really make a person smile! For me i have seen so many different designs and the ones that i really like are the ones that kind of resonate with me. I remember seeing one  and i thought:-

“Wow this person has put some real work into this!”

The designs that i like are the characters that people make and ones that really make you laugh. Check these few that i have found.

Great designs of Lantern Jack


What is your fav type of design? Disney inspired? Traditional and scary? Or are you after something bit more original? I love the 3 above. The verbiage type inspired on the far left is great. Talk about “it does what it says on the tin” The person that has made this is truly talents with the knife and with his or her imagination.

How long does it take to make these and what do you think the planning time of this kind of art takes? It truly is amazing how this type of ideas come into the mind of the artist to actually visualise and materialise such a great lantern jack.

If you think about it, are you the type of person that wants to walk around the streets late at night and go trick and treating? I have done it a few times but i think you really need to be a fan of this holiday.

My thoughts are more of partying in the warm, going to a party with friends all dressed up in a scary outfit. Don’t get me wrong i don’t mind the more traditional type of party but i prefer to be a limo and get to my party in style. A stretch limo, a huge big hummer or even a party bus would be the more ideal mode of transport for me and thats for me the ideal way to start the Halloween party off!.. 🙂 Until next time!.. 🙂


How do you celebrate Halloween in style?


How do you celebrate Halloween in style that’s really good easy question to answer firstly you need killer Halloween outfit. Something gory or maybe something revealing if you want to be naughty.

But always something that is going to get you noticed.

But how do you find that perfect outfit period we need to take inspiration period inspiration is always around you beat a favourite cartoon character or a favourite film star where are you my favourite film period I remember going to one Halloween out celebration party with someone are dressed up as Ironman. I do remember him because he actually had a light that was in the centre of his chest just like the marvel character. So pick something that is going to stick out.


But if you’re someone that really wants to stick out in the crowd then maybe you should go as a  group. A group all dressed in tandem with a similar subject is something to marvel at and is a really really good conversational point at any party.

You can take inspiration from any films or any sort of fictional characters that you have an affiliation with. One party I went to when I saw the Ironman outfit, I saw his group was dressed as the Hulk, Thor and other Marvel characters in a sense you knew it was on Marvel gang.

So once your outfit is chosen and you have finished picking that ideal subject matter. You need to ask yourself  how are you going to get yourself to the party of the season. To be fair there’s only really one way and thats by a party bus. A party bus is the perfect solution to get you and your friends to the location of choice.

There is no reason to book a taxi or get the train or get a tube.

A  party bus is the only way to travel to get the party started before you get to the celebration location.

A party bus actually gets you in the mood right from the start of the evening. With music blaring from the speakers and having your own nice considerable knowledgeable chauffeur by your side that has nothing but your safety on his mind.

So you can rest assured they getting to your Halloween celebration is a party experience in itself.

There is only one way to celebrate Halloween and that is by having a killer out and a killer mode of transport that will help you see the 31st October in style!

Hey All, welcome to my blog site about seasonal celebrations and more importantly Halloween. Let me tell you about this wonderful occasion.